Micaelly, 16, Brazil. I enjoy a lot of things like food, music, photoshop and stalking one direction. But in my free time, i just blog about youtubers and dream about marrying one in special. This is a sideblog, so i'll be following you back with takemenialler1993, and asking you too! XX
sexy little faces + gapers

"If you never though in frat boy jack I’m so sorry, but your whole life is a lie."


i forgot i actually have to make edits to receive followers LMAO

Favorite Louis Cole Instagram Pictures (part 2)

Favorite Louis Cole Instagram Pictures (part 1)


To think we all bashed Rebecca Black, and now she’s been a hot tub with some of the hottest British boys alive.

Oh how the tables have turned.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be best friends with Louis


I find him so fucking cool. OMFG. I just cant with life


aww Louis is so cute

: My thoughts on Louis Cole (funforlouis)


Okay so, Louis Cole aka funforlouis has only 116,093 subscribers. Which is cool I guess, but in my opinion for the amount of effort he puts into his channel he deserves so much more than that. If you’re not subscribed I highly recommend you do. He has an awesome channel filled with great videos…


jack at louis vlog’s